Best Herbal Tea from Sri Lankan Heritage

Get the true herbal taste of the heavenly island, which is pioneer in growing and supplying world’s best tea leaves and spices since centuries

100% Herbal & Natural

Zero side effects

Diabetes Stabilizer

Helps regulate blood sugar

Boost Immune System

High in Antioxidants, Iron and Vitamin A

How to Use?


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Pregnant women

This product is not recommended for pregnant ladies and babies.

Non- Diabetic

Not recommended for people that do not suffer from diabetes

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What is Aamurthaya?

Aamurthaya Tea is the herbal-tea fraternity made in Sri Lanka with organic herbs blended with Sri Lankan centuries old Ayurvedic formulas. The product was launched with many inspired true stories that cured the serious diabetes with the herbal blends naturally. The tea will also have you feeling and looking radiant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need doctor’s prescription to consume your Tea?
    No, Aamurthaya is a blend of 100% natural and kitchen herbs ingredients with proven successful formula from our forefathers. SO you can just drink like normal tea.
  2.  Does this help to lose weight too?
    The ingredients such as moringa help to burn unnecessary fat and control the excessive glucose in your body to maintain a good shape naturally.
  3.  Does it have any side effects?
    Not at all. The tea does not have any inactive ingredient to cause you side effects.

When in doubt?

Customers Reviews

I was suffering stage 2 diabetic from since I was 43 I went through Western meditation and it was not helping me overcome diabetes. One of my closest family friend introduced to me a gentleman who was the founder of Aamurthaya and it change my entire life. I wish him all the best!
- Dinesh Thalgodapitiya -
I was reluctant to take, basically I didn't had any options. Today I felt like I was a teenager again, this is the best thing can happen to a human being, I'm not 100% sure he will succeed on commercialy but one thing for sure this formula will change many thousands of people life undoubtedly.
- Rayhan Perera -