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About Aamurthaya

Aamurthaya Tea is the herbal-tea fraternity made in Sri Lanka with organic herbs blended with Sri Lankan centuries-old Ayurvedic formulas. The product was launched with many inspired true stories which cured serious diabetes with herbal blends naturally. The tea will also have you feeling and looking radiant.

We believe in sharing the goodness and spreading the positive vibes. Here comes the Aamurthaya, the best of herbs blended from Sri Lankan soil formulated by the centuries old Ayurvedic medicine heritage decanted from hundreds of centuries old unique Sri Lankan practices.

The sachet has 6 active ingredients including Moringa, Bitter gourd and other organic herbs that improve insulin sensitivity, maintain healthy blood pressure, prevent blood clots, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and development of type 2 diabetes.

Charimans Message

Drawing inspiration from hela Ayurveda, we at Aamurthaya, strive to cultivate an understanding of the many medical wonders that nature has to offer. Our genetic ancestral heritage can be traced back to one common ancestor dubbed ‘mitochondrial eve’, all the way in Africa. Since then, mankind has evolved, not only physically, but also mentally. Their understanding of the world, their surroundings and of the entire ecosystem around them inspired them to progress. While science and medicinal drugs became prevalent over the course of time, one could safely say that the basis of medicinal value sprung forth from traditional Hela Ayurvedic systems.

The medicinal drugs manufactured by giant pharmas come at a great cost, monetary, and health-wise. The birth of these drugs resulted in some health conditions. Our current lifestyle and food choices are also to blame for the different diseases that have been on the rise since the past. High indulgence in sugary treats and substantial foods resulted in a record increase in diabetes. Sugar is akin to drugs in terms of addiction, and recurrent ——–life.

Processed foods have also taken a great toll on our health. Giant fast-food chains across the world promote different kinds of processed food that promise flavour, good times, and bad side effects. Science is still developing medicines for these diseases, but nature already has a cure.

At Aamurthaya, we work to rebuild this connection with nature; and draw from its folds the miracles that can cure diseases that science so far, could not. We follow the footsteps of our ancestors who lived in harmony with nature.

Their ability to discern between different plants and herbs, and adduce their medicinal value without any technology is astounding. This knowledge has been passed down through the sands of time; echoing from generation to generation. It has proven to be effective, with zero side effects.

Our approach to medicine has been tried & tested throughout centuries. We promote a healthier lifestyle and a disease-free life with our range of products. Aamurthaya’s blend comes in little sachets and contain an amalgamation of different herbs that would guarantee a multitude of health benefits.

Asanka de. Alwis