Aamurthaya Tea

With little sachets of flavour induced herbal chai, Aamurthaya Tea is set to revolutionize the herbal tea industry. With a carefully curated list of ingredients, Aamurthaya Tea is manufactured to promote physical health, catering to and giving prominence to different physical defects and problems plaguing the human body.

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The ingredients used are purely organic and herbal, and includes the likes of –  Moringa, bitter gourd, Nidikuma roots, terminalia chebula, blue katurodu, & thipili. With three main ingredients taking the fore-front, Aamurthaya Tea serves to cure diabetes as its main function. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has plagued mankind as of the recent past; and has claimed many a life during its destructive reign. Diabetes is caused due to a lack of the hormone insulin – whose absence would result in an increase in blood glucose/sugar levels. Highly concentrated blood (due to abnormal levels of blood sugar) could be a dangerous pathway to other diseases, and would cause long-term effects to other organs. The general cure for this has, so far, been to administer tablets to enable the liver to produce more insulin, and in extreme cases, to artificially harvest and inject insulin into the human body intravenously.

Aamurthaya Tea serves to rid you of these expensive solutions. With its magical blend of herbal ingredients, Aamurthaya Tea works to regulate blood sugar in the body, and to balance the blood sugar levels so that it is neither too high, nor too low. It also cleanses the liver, and maintains its functionality. In addition to this, Aamurthaya Tea also promises several other health benefits, such as the following:

· It helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood

· It boosts the immune system

· It cleanses the liver

· It improves one’s eyesight

· It helps men overcome erectile dysfunction

· It helps both men & women overcome any sexual dysfunctions/difficulties.


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