The Best of Herbs
Blended from
Sri Lankan Soil!

Amurthaya Tea is the herbal-tea fraternity made in Sri Lanka with
organic herbs blended with Sri Lankan centuries old Ayurvedic



What is Aamurthaya?

Aamurthaya Tea is a herbal tea made in Sri Lanka from organic herbs blended with centuries-old Sri Lankan Ayurvedic formulas. The product was launched with many inspiring true stories of customers who cured serious diabetes with the herbal blends naturally. Additionally, the tea will make you feel and look radiant.

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    Do I need doctor’s prescription to consume your Tea?

    No, Aamurthaya is a blend of 100% natural and kitchen herbs ingredients with proven successful formula from our forefathers. SO you can just drink like normal tea.

    Does this help to lose weight too?

    The ingredients such as moringa help to burn unnecessary fat and control the excessive glucose in your body to maintain a good shape naturally.

    Does it have any side effects?

    Not at all. The tea does not have any inactive ingredient to cause you side effects.